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Dec 26, 2011 11:00pm EST
iowa. mitt romney and newt gingrich may have been getting all the press, but in iowa texas congressman ron paul is out front. >> there could be some surprises in iowa. for example, ron paul seems to be surging. he's got a base of support. reporter: american university professor leonard steinhorn says if mitt romney wins iowa, he'd gain momentum going forward. >> if mitt romney wins iowa, he will probably win new hampshire and go on to win this nomination. mitt romney way be trying to win iowa secretly without setting high expectations. reporter: on tuesday, romney, bachmann, perry and gingrich all began iowa bus tours while rick santorum toured iowa conservatives. the winner of the 2008 caucuses said weather could hold the details. one week after iowa the action shifts to new hampshire on january 10th. the boston globe poll has romney up by double digits followed by gingrich, paul and jon huntsman who may be fighting for his survival. >> there's john huntman, too. unless he shows well in new hampshire, he's finished, too. reporter: now for his part newt gingrich remained in front in ma
Dec 6, 2011 11:00pm EST
air has sunk all the way down through texas and is going to be moving in our direction and after tomorrow, we'll only see temperatures rising to the 40s during the day. we are thinking there will be enough snow tomorrow night to maybe coat the grass here in the metro area, more significant accumulation out to our west, certainly in the higher elevations. this is where the snow potential will be the greater. where you see the dark blue as our area of low pressure moves up and away from the area tomorrow night. but maybe as close by as the western suburbs here, we could get enough to cover the grass. more significant accumulation out to our west, but you get out toward washington county, an inch or two there and in the mountains, maybe 4 to 7. certainly the higher an elevation you go, the more you will see. east of 95, that's mostly going to be rain. for tonight, more showers are going to develop later. steady temperatures will stay only in the mid 50s. it's been so mild all day today. up and over 60 in many areas. so that's where we'll start. tomorrow morning about 58 degrees or s
Dec 27, 2011 11:00pm EST
has dropped to 14%. rick perry has risen to 12%. with time run being out the texas congressman is find -- running out the texas congressman is finding out the new ads are aimed at congress. >> the experience of balancing the budget is greatly needed in washington and i will take it there. >> if washington is the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? reporter: rick santorum is hunting with iowa conservatives while newt gingrich is calling mitt romney a massachusetts liberal. >> i think it's an accurate description of who he. is. reporter: rick perry is trying to resurrect his profile. >> i am the fiscal conservative in this race. reporter: but with the new hampshire primaries just one week after these caucuses, the candidates are going after a particular block of iowa voters. >> evangelicals are so divided over who they support. reporter: jill lawrence, managing editor of politics for the national journal says evangelical christians, key in iowa and whoever wins them should win the caucus. >> it's heavily evangelicals and there are many evangelicals splitting the vote and there ar
Dec 14, 2011 11:00pm EST
one thinks this thing is funny. a group of texas airmen posing in a casket. the controversy sparked an air force investigation. will thomas is taking a closer look now. will. >> you aren't going to like this one. the u.s. death toll as many of you know in iraq and afghanistan is now more than 6,000. about 6300. with so many lives lost, a photo that may have been meant as a joke has become another black eye for the air force. already this year, dover air force base in delaware is under the spotlight for sloppy handling of the remains of u.s. military war dead. and now, a photo. a photo you're not going to like. it was taken back in august. 15 airmen are seen posing with an open casket, another live airmen, he is perfectly fine. he is posing standing up in the casket with a noose around his neck. at the bomb toff of the photo, the dump the dumped, sucks to be you. a congressman we spoke to tonight with oversight over the air force is confident the internal investigation will be sufficient. >> i have trust that secretary donald and the air force leadership will take the appropriate act
Dec 30, 2011 11:00pm EST
at 11:00, scientists in texas are hitting the pool, the first step to preventing a major disaster in deep waters starting here in the shallow end. we'll explain. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.   >>> 2010 bp oil spill showed firsthand the extreme dangers people faced while working offshore rigs. now one company is using a training facility built for astronauts to teach oil and gas workers how to survive a catastrophe in deep water. fox's chris gutierrez has the story from houston. reporter: it's the world's largest indoor swimming pool, nasa's neutral buoyancy lab more than 200 feet long, more than 100 feet wide and holds 6.2 million gallons of water. the average backyard swimming pool holds about 18,000 gallons. since the mid '90s astronauts have used this pool to prepare for spacewalks using a model of the international space station submerged 40 feet below the surface and now the construction of the space station is complete and nays has opened this pool to others -- nasa has opened this pool to others. petrofat, an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5